Salem Oregon House Painters are required by law to carry a State of Oregon CCB business License. Some are just trying to create a summer job, some can't hold a job so they start their own painting company. We like to call them "splash and dashers". They make a mess and take off, never to be seen again. Don't fall into this trap! Be sure and check references, and ask lots of questions. Remember, if the price is too good to be true, its probably going to cost you in the end. Reputable painting contractors in Salem have expenses for things like a license, insurance and our prices reflect that. We are a stable enough painting contractor to make a commitment to them. They know they will have work next week, and we know who we are sending into your home. Its important to us to not put anyone in your home that we wouldn't have in ours. And the only way to know that is to know them. Our employees are like family to us, upstanding, respectful, talented people. So we devised a solution, now we pay by the project, but with a twist! Each project is broken down into smaller zones and has to be signed off on, providing accountability. Our crew can't put themselveson the pay sheet until they are inspected and approved. The result?? Now the motivation is to do it fast and do it right the first time! Our crew knows its not in any ones best interest to sacrifice efficiency for quality or quality for efficiency. I have no idea what color to pick? Do you do color consultations? How much does it cost if I have more than one color? Yes! We provide a paint color consultation with a design consultant completely free of charge! And because we work with so many designers (they rarely choose only one color!), we do multiple colors at no extra charge. 7. Will you do 2 coats? Every time? And what does it cost me if its a strong color and needs more? We guarantee at least 2 coats. and if its a strong color change and needs 3 (it happens!), we'll do 3! I challenge you to find another painting contractor that can promise that!! We don't believe in leaving a job incomplete or a client unsatisfied. Of course we patch and fill! It makes for a much finer finish. 9. How much work will I have to do to prepare for you to come in? How much clean up will I have to do after you leave?? We require very little prep effort from our clients. We believe you hire a painting contractor to so you don't have to do it yourself and we mean all of it! We will move furniture, switch plates, drapery and blinds and then put it all back again. We even vacuum behind the heavy pieces of furniture before we replace them. In order todisrupt your life as little as possible, we work room by room through your home, completing each area as we go. That way you can still make dinner in your kitchen at the end of the day, and roll into your bed each night, with as little interruption to your day to day life as possible. Ask for references AND check them out!!! We always provides references, way more than 3 usually around 10-20 with every estimate! We encourage you to call them up and say hi. We're confident that you will pleasantly reassured by what they have to say. Yes, we know we've passed 10, but we thought this one was important! So what can we say #11 in a list of 10, and its a two-fer! So we're passionate about painting! Our crews do indeed finish what they start! We never job hop, always finishing the project we are on before moving on to the next. And our estimates are always guaranteed. The price at the end is the same as the price at the beginning. Consider what each has to offer and which one would best suit your wedding budget. It introduced wireless nailer twenty five years ago. Paslode is working from many years and has gained popularity in the world. This company is famous for making tools and tool k .